Top 5 Reasons To Get The New iPhone 7


If you have been thinking about buying the new iPhone 7, then you are not alone. This is because the phone presents some of the most exquisite features the phone fanatic is looking for. Talk of sleekness, elegance, and functionality all are mixed up in a seamless combination. There is just no limit to what this phone promises to offer and if you haven’t already known, read on to find the top five reasons to get the new free iphone 7.

Features of iPhone 7

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What is the first feature that defines an elegant phone? Screen size and as it were, the bigger, the better. The iPhone 7 presents a 4.7 inches screen size, just about the right size for those who love big fonts without necessarily having to adjust the font size in the settings. The size is also ideal for those who like to capture rather bigger photographs as it takes away the trouble of having to zoom in on images that are rather smaller or further away.


Another thing that should make you buy the iPhone 7 is the sleek design that features a touch of elegance and simplicity. The lighter and rounder design does not make it portable but also easier to use. A pleasant addition to this design might be a broader and wider version as well as an inclusion of a 3D display for optimal image clarity.

Sapphire glass and liquid metal chassis

The iPhone 7 shall also feature a sapphire glass and liquid metal chassis in its display. Wondering what difference this might make from other iPhones? For starters, Saphire glass is more solid than the conventional Gorilla glass, and this has a direct bearing on the durability of the phone, not to mention it will fit perfectly with the huge display. On the other hand, the Liquidmetal chassis has been preferred because it bears much of the properties of aluminum but with slight advantages regarding strength. This will ensure your iPhone is not only light for easy of carry but also durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

Camera and processor

For most of ustgw3ed6gw6edy72weu28, our love affair with iPhones has been due to the flawless image clarity and high camera processors, and it appears the iPhone 7 will do us one better. With processors made using the 14-nanometer design, there is just no limit to how much the iPhone can process within standard conditions in comparison to other iPhones. Needless to mention, these high-processor chips will be tiny and highly productive.

New charger

Last but not least, we should expect the iPhone 7 to feature a new charger which could make the USB piece reversible. This means the USB will be connected to the adapter both ways, making it possible to customize the charging process as per your preference.…