Guide To Choosing A Prom Photographer


There are several things to take into account when hiring a professional photographer for your prom. In this post, we will shed light on this particular subject. You need to decide the kind of prom photography you need. For instance, do you want candid shots of the whole event? Although this is not common, some schools decide to have a photographer at their prom. The common type is a prom photographer with a studio to take posed shots of students and their friends. The reason most prom photographers have such type of setup is due to the need of controlling conditions of lighting backgrounds.

How to hire a prom photographer

The next tyg2w3e5dt26wedyt72uy28ui289thing is to decide whether there is on-site printing. In this case, you have to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of having such type of setup. Moreover, you can preview images before printing. Professional prom photographers allow this to be done either way. You should be allowed to preview your images no matter whether printing is on-site or not.


The majority of event photographers charge a booking fee. Although some do this for small proms, some companies charge fees no matter the size of proms. It is advisable to know the charges to avoid surprises. You can check photographers website to know the types of events they are covering. This also gives you a good idea to know what to expect regarding their style.


After choosing the prom photographer, you need to consider some things to ensure you have a great prom night. This explains the need to have everything on paper in advance. The following are some of ttg2w3edrfd53edt62y3e72u8qhe common items required:

  • Address and name of prom location
  • Prom date and setup time
  • Projected number of people
  • Contact at the prom

It is necessary to know where your photographer will set up. For instance, the photographer will need lights and power for their printers and computers if they want to print on-site. The place should be large enough for every person to see the photographers. You should involve the prom photographer the space they need to shoot. Ensure they do not block any fire exits. It is quite painful for photographers to do all the setup the need and later move them because you realized the prom is in a wrong spot. Follow the above tips for choosing a prom photographer to ensure you have a successful event.…