5 Reasons You Should Get Regular Massages


How often you get a massage is subject to circumstantial change and will depend on a variety of factors including your budget, your emotional needs, and your physical state. However, getting a massage is a very beneficial procedure and is worth the time and money. Go to www.asianmassageclub.com.au and learn more benefits of massage. Besides, massage procedures aren’t as expensive as they used to be.

Regular massage

1. Massages help to reduce stresssadsadsadsad

Stress is directly related to a lot of health complications including ulcers and common migraines. Not surprisingly, though, receiving a massage is very relaxing, and the process leads to stimulation and consequential release of essential endorphins for relaxation like serotonin and dopamine that help to calm you down.

2. Massages reduce muscle tension

If you visit the gym regularly and often forget to set aside a day for flexibility reps, or you sit behind an office desk all day and don’t work out at all, your muscles are bound to get tensed up, leading to limited body flexibility. Massages come in handy by bringing about muscle relaxation and easing muscle tension. If you’re a bodybuilder – more muscle mass, if not – no more back pain!

The benefits to athletes, however, goes beyond this, and include: helps in monitoring muscle tone, reduced muscle hypertonicity and decrease muscle stiffness after exercise.

3. It helps to reduce anxiety and depression

Besides helping you recover physically; massages are also beneficial to your mental health. Depression and anxiety have often been linked to high levels of the chemical hormone cortisol.

Studies have shown that one of the post-effects of receiving a massage includes lower levels of cortisol, all the while releasing the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals to combat depression.

4. A good massage will boost imsadasdsadadmunity levels

Massages help to improve the functionality of your lymph system. A good massage will stimulate lymph flow, which functions to rid your body of toxins and natural body waste and harmful bacteria. It will also aid your body in the production of leucocytes – your body’s first line of defense.

5. Massages help slow skin aging

Massages are a perfect alternative to botox injections for younger, less wrinkled skin.
Massages help in easing circulation of blood through your skin, leading to a more radiant glow as a result. Facial relaxation procedures also help to get rid of all those hideous lines that result from frowning all the time.

A simple massage can go a long way in solving some of the most common problems we experience in our day-to-day lives, and it is therefore without a doubt an incredibly beneficial undertaking.…