Five Reasons To Buy Horse Stall Mats


Stall mats are essential for enhancing the safety, health, and comfort of your horse. They are made from high-quality rubber materials that also protect the stalls from freezing. They reduce the chances of injury on your horse. As such, horse stall mats are made for an arena, wash stalls, horse stall as well as breeding areas. Horses require comfort and protection from cold conditions to breed. There is the need to ensure that you get high-quality mats that are durable. Here are Five reasons to buy horse stall mats

1. They absorb shockscasdcsDxvasdc

The hooves of a horse need to be cushioned to prevent injuries. The mats have shock absorbing capabilities, which ensure that the horse does not get injured. They help to even up rough surfaces on the horse stall. The horse arena footing also helps to make sure that the horses are well protected from the rough surface as they are running. The mats are specially made to ensure that the horses are well preserved for racing.

2. They provide warmth

The horse mats also act as insulations from cold conditions. They help to keep the horse warm, especially in the winter seasons. The mats are made from superior materials which absorb and retain heat. The mats do not get clogged with water and are also waterproof, which keeps the horse warm.

3. They enhance drainage

Stall mats are designed to ease drainage of water from the stalls. The materials used provide a non-skid ridged surface that helps to protect your horse from falling. The materials are waterproof, meaning that they do not get drenched. The Stall mats also make it easy for you to clean the horse stalls. Dirt and droppings can be removed without staining the mats.

4. They protect the horse from bacterial infections

Horse mats also help to prevent bacteria from infecting your horses. The mats are made from superior materials that do not provide a habitat for bacteria. It is worth to note that bare floors are prone to bacteria infestations, which cause various ailments to the horse. Easy cleaning of the mats ensures that any bacteria that might be on the floor are eliminated. This makes the interlocking rubber mats perfect for breeding, which requires a lot of cleanliness.

qsdqawaDScad5. Make the stall clean

The mats help to keep the stall clean as long as it has a slant to allow liquid to drain. Along with bedding to soak up any dampness, the stall can be quickly cleaned and deodorized as well as easily sanitized by sweeping or mucking it out completely, and then mopping or hosing off.

Stall mats are essential components for your horse stall. They are used to enhance the safety and comfort of your horses throughout their life. They also ensure that the horse is protected from injuries as well as bacteria that could cause sicknesses.…