Vault Rooms


If you are the team building coordinator or the training and development manager at your workplace, it is worth noting that vault room activities are one of the best team building activities today. They not only help employees to work together but they also help them to meet deadlines. Also, family members, schools, and friends can also enjoy vault room activities over the holiday or weekends. Vault escape is rated number one vault room experience in Chicago. You can go to their website to get more details. This article highlights various considerations you must make before hiring any vault room companies.

Top tips for hiring a vault room company

Consider the activities they offer

A good vault company offers a diversity of activities to cater for all possible groups of people. Employees may fit in all vault games since they include solving puzzles and challenges but family members and school kids can’t. Some are too challenging and thrilling thus meant for adults only. However, most popular and reputable companies offer around three different vault activities, and you can never miss a convenient one for your group.


Do perfect timings

Weekends and holidays are usually full due to high demand. However, weekdays are usually free, and this may be the best time to book. Employees may do well on a weekday as they would in a normal training while the other groups do well on the weekends. Therefore, it is important to book early in advance especially if you want the vault activity to compliment a special day like a birthday or any other. This will avoid last minute disappointment.

Check reputation of the company

Companies with a good reputation have the best activities. If you and your team want to experience the best, then these are the vault rooms to try. Excellent customer care service also characterizes them, and the whole working team offers the best support as well. Superior facilities which enhance the experience as the soundtrack and lighting also matters a lot.


Check on cost and cost related offers

Getting value for money is good. The best vault room companies will offer you this and more. Since there are many ways to measure this aspect, then it is up to you to be convinced that what the team is about to experience is worth. Some vault rooms offer lower prices during the weekdays and may also offer discounts for a large group. Check a company which offers such benefits.